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Bill John Baker Means Business! He is the only candidate for Chief with a plan to improve our health care system, build more houses, and create jobs for the Cherokee Nation.

A native son of Tahlequah, Bill John grew up as the 3rd child of school teacher parents, representing the 4th generation of his family in Cherokee County. Bill John is the great-grandson of Nancy Walker Osage, an early Tahlequah Business Woman and Cherokee Healer. Nancy's mother, Sarah Tackett was brought to Tahlequah Indian Territory by friends after her parents died on the "Trail of Tears".

Bill John wants to move our Nation from good to great. Bill John will get to work building our Nation by auditing the casinos, cleaning out the corruption and putting Cherokees first. When only 1/3 of the employees at our largest casino are members of the Cherokee Nation you know it's time for a change. And when our Nation stops building homes, continually underfunds contract health services and cuts important programs for children, while giving a 52% pay raise to its elected officials, that change can't come soon enough. Bill John Baker is the only man running for Chief with the vision to make this change happen. So it is with a loving family, God's help, and hard work that Bill John asks you to join him in this campaign.

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